Luxury Palette of Pops Eyeshadow Palette in Pillow Talk

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Hello and welcome to the Luxury Palette of Pops. Your host? Charlotte Tilbury (and us, obviously). Today we’ll be shining the beauty buff’s latest palette into the spotlight. Packed with a mesmerising quad of sparkling shades, it’s stacked with glow-getting pigments (that’ll be those pearlescent hues) and is set to steal the show in an instant. Well, what are you waiting for… 

An eyeshadow palette featuring four colour-coded, eye-gilding shades.

This eyeshadow palette includes shades that glimmer with translucent sparkle to make your eyes POP, creating an otherworldly look. Pearl pigments, with a brilliant, mirror-like reflection, give your eyes a magical, molten, sparkling finish. Glossy ester, adds a magical luminosity to the pigments and a soft, silky feel. Mica gives the pigments a soft, gliding effect for easy application and a silky-smooth finish.


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Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette of Pops Pillow Talk



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