Sticky Tack Lash Glue

Sticky Tack Lash Glue

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Huda Beauty whips up its Sticky Tack lash glue for all its lashes, both synthetic and natural. Waterproof and re-stickable, it dries completely clear within minutes and makes repositioning a dream. It's also gentle on even the most sensitive eyes as it's formulated without latex and ophthalmologically tested. Once set, they won’t budge, even if you're tearing up during those emotional speeches at a wedding, crying with laughter when you're out with friends or surviving sweltering summer days.


Product Details:

  • Huda Beauty Sticky Tack Lash Glue
  • Application: align the band with the natural lash line, trim excess if necessary. Apply a thin line of glue along the band. For easier application, use a cotton bud to spread the glue. Wait for a few minutes to maximize stickiness. Fix the band close to your natural lash line


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