HUDA BEAUTY Face Buff & Blend Brush

HUDA BEAUTY Face Buff & Blend Brush

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Created to make the application of foundation completely seamless, regardless of your make-up ability, Huda Beauty’s Face Buff & Blend Brush is your cheat way to achieving a faultless, airbrushed finish every time. The ultra-soft synthetic bristles are designed with a semi slanted, flat top to cover the maximum surface area and fit into the natural curves and contours of the face so you don’t miss a spot.

What’s more, perfect for mimicking Huda’s top technique of applying foundation, by gently stippling and dabbing the product into the skin for maximum coverage.


  • Huda Beauty Face Buff & Blend Brush
  • How to use: Using the brush, gently stipple and blend foundation all over the face. We recommend using a pump or less of Huda Beauty #Fauxfilter Foundation, for a flawless filter like complexion
  • Made with synthetic fibres



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