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A set of durable, faux lashes for all eye styles with unique shapes that accentuate makeup and can be worn up to 15 times.

Accessorize every makeup look with these gorgeous lashes. Huda Beauty Classic False Lashes are a cult favorite and come in an array of sophisticated designs—from Giselle to Lana. Made of synthetic mellow fibers, these high-quality lashes are very durable, and do not need mascara.


Product Details:   

Huda Beauty Classic Lash

  • Giselle #1: Light volume, natural style lashes that create a subtle, beautiful appearance while creating the illusion of a thicker lash line.
  • Samantha #7: Medium volume, natural style lashes that are stacked up to create length and drama for every eye shape.
  • Scarlett #8: High volume style lashes that combine bold length and curl to bring out bold makeup looks.
  • Carmen #9: High volume, dramatic style lashes with a mink-like featheriness at the ends—creating serious drama with the softness, while being not too long or distracting.
  • Lana #10: High volume, lengthening lashes that accentuate a smoky eye or bold liner, providing ultimate drama and extreme length.
  • Sasha #11: Medium volume lashes that deliver subtle drama, and they’re light in density and slightly longer in length.
  • Jacqueline #20: Huda Kattan collab with Jacqueline Fernandez to create a medium volume, soft and sultry lash reminiscent of rich, Bollywood red-carpet glamour. With double-stacked brown and black fibers, perfect for mimicking a natural look with a hint of drama. Carefully crisscrossed with the perfect amount of fluff and curl for the most realistic finish.
  • Hoodie #23 lashes Application: remove from packaging and ‘wiggle’ band to loosen. Measure against eye (you can trim to fit). Apply Lash Glue (sold separately). Apply lashes - you may find it helps to use tweezers. Hold in place for a few seconds to allow the glue to dry
  • Huda Kattan and fashion and beauty editor, Kahlana Barfield Brown, join forces to introduce the Huda Beauty latest lash; KAHLANA #21.Inspired by Kahlana’s distinctly bold and effortlessly cool style, this lash combines extra length & natural volume that can emphasize any makeup look. With double-stacked, and crisscrossed, wispy fibers, KAHLANA #21 will give your eyes natural volume, and flattering length without looking overtly ‘faux’.

What else you need to know:

Jacqueline #20 Classic Lash
Jacqueline Fernandez says: “I was elated when Huda came to me with this collaboration as I’ve always been a huge fan and have followed her for years now. She’s such an inspiration to me! I love to experiment with all things new and fascinating in the world of glamour, and as an actress, lashes are something that I use a lot. That’s why I was so excited that Huda and I came up with a lash that truly represents the look I go for – a lash that’s flirty and dramatic, but still quite soft!”

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