Pixi Beauty is Flawless Without The Fuss 

Backed by real-world experience, Petra Strand launched Pixi as a cosmetic line of skin-loving makeup and skincare products that create a naturally radiant and rested look. As a working mother of four, the Swedish-born British makeup artist understands on-the-go women with no time to spare and created a lineup of truly multi-tasking, youth-enhancing products. Flawless in a few easy minutes—that’s what Pixi beauty is all about!

Pixi Skincare

Treat your skin to Pixi’s recently launched Skintreats line, a collection of radiance-giving skincare products from face mist to overnight glow serum for a dewy fresh face daily. Our must-have list for gorgeously glowing skin includes the Glow Tonic and Glow Mist. After cleansing, use the toner to remove dead skin cells and reveal your most radiant complexion with a smooth, refined texture. The hyopallergenic formula contains soothing aloe vera and ginseng, making it ideal for even the most sensitive skin types. To keep our glow going all day, we’re constantly misting. The mist by Pixi is enriched with 13 natural oils in addition to botanical extracts that not only replenish moisture but deliver essential skin nourishment. For a more intensive, yet gentle treatment, check out their Glow Mud Mask, rich in minerals, botanicals, and purifying kaolin clay to provide a calming balance and brightening boost.

Pixi Makeup

Once your skin is gorgeously glowing, you’re ready to enhance your look with fuss-free makeup by Pixi. Frame your eyes with perfectly shaped and set brows with their Natural Brow Duo, a double-ended eyebrow pencil with a waterproof, precision tip on one end and a tinted gel on the other to keep even the most unruly brows in place. Turn your eyes into precious gems with the Silky Eye Pen, a highly pigmented eyeliner in intense jewel tones that glide on seamlessly. Finish with a soft, velvety highlighter to add an extra hint of glow while hydrating with natural minerals.

Pixi cosmetics makes glowing skin easy to achieve in a pinch with fuss-free skincare and makeup products created for women on the move. Find your next Pixi fix when you shop online at Fairyglowsg Singapore

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